Trolling Tips

All our lures are ready rigged, out of the bag, on the main line, done! Many of our customers asked us, how we would set up our spread. Well, not to be biased, but we use our lures exclusively on all our offshore trips here in FL.

What is the best lure spread going after Mahi-Mahi or Tuna? 

We caught all our Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo and Marlin over the last 4 years trolling our lures. It took us over a year to finetune the lures not to twist and not to tangle. Length, weight, even the skirts we ended up making ourselves, using our own molds. We wanted everything we make to perform perfectly right out the bag! Being tired of using off the rack lures or blow a hole in our pockets, we wanted lures that deliver in both quality, performance and value.

Made for fishermen by fishermen. Premium tournament quality offshore trolling lures at an affordable price.

In our six rod spread, we suggest the following set up targeting Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, Tuna and even Striped Marlin. The closest lines, the Daisy Chain and Mahi-Mahi Slayer lures, only around 30 and 35 feet from the transom. The second and middle tandem, the Mahi-Mahi Slayer and the Mahi Hunter about 20 and 25 feet behind the hook of the closest one. We then troll the last Mahi Hunter and Offshore Dominator lures at another 30-40ft behind the hook of the closest one. This makes 10 skirts with hooks on 6 rods. Imagine that! 10 Skirts that pop, flip and leave a gorgeous bubble stream and move as lively as one can imitate them. 

Mix them up, the Tuna & Mahi Feathers are a killer when it comes to Blackfintuna and schoolie Mahi-Mahi. Yellowfintuna are also into these little rigged feathers. 

Whatever you troll, double your chances, trigger more bites, catch more fish. Our lures are of the highest quality and we use the strongest hooks and leader on the market. You will land more fish without the hassle of rigging your own lures or breaking your wallet on frozen bait. 

Or when Blackfin and Mahi-Mahi are the target:

The closest lines, the Daisy Chain and Tuna Buster we troll only around 30ft from the transom and the other two about 25ft behind the hook of the closest one. We then fish the last tandem at another 40ft behind the hook of the closest one. At times we add a 7th rod in the center and run it around 150ft behind the boat coupled with our Bill Collector for the unexpected bull, Tuna or Marlin. This makes 13 skirts with hooks on 7 rods.

These will be two of the several JAW Lures spreads we use. Depending on target, weather and light conditions, available baits, patterns such as bites on certain colors & lures from the previous day or days and of course whatever we hear on the docks getting ice and water for the day. 

Let us know what works for you, we are eager to hear from you! We hope this helps and tight lines!