JAW - Just Add Water

JAW Lures offshore trolling lures are the original and only offshore trolling lures in the world featuring 2 independent skirts and 2 hooks that can catch fish simultaneously.

Our lures are designed, engineered and refined in the fishing capital of the world, the Florida Keys. We spent over a year trolling prototypes and created a lure that not only can be trolled at any speed and almost all conditions, but also delivers unparalleled performance and quality. One skirt chasing the other, triggering an irresistible hunting instinct. Just like nature, watching our lures go bye...... 2 distressed baits chasing each other.... get ready for an aggressive bite. Hook 2 at once, during the fight or hook the second Mahi-Mahi or Tuna next to the boat and the fight is back on! This experience is unforgettable and definitely wear you out. Larger pelagics, such as Yellowfin, Bluefin, Marlin or Wahoo cant wait to join the chase. Watch them literally explode on our lures..  

Be it 2 Tuna or 2 Mahi-Mahi on one line, it changes everything.

From the weekend warrior looking for quality, pre rigged lures to the avid offshore guide driven to deliver the best possible experience to their clients - we offer superior performance at an affordable price. Designed by nature, made by fishermen for fishermen. 

  • Superior performance 
  • Target Mahi-Mahi aka Dolphin, all Tuna, Billfish and Wahoo
  • We use only the finest raw materials available
  • We designed our own squid skirt mold and color tones covering all spectrum of colors needed for basically any condition
  • All lures are rigged in the US, ready to rock right out of the bag

You will catch more and bigger fish, we guarantee it!

Your JAW Lures Team!