PRESS RELEASE 02.2021 - Expansion JAW Lures Corporation

MIAMI, Florida. February 2021 -- JAW Lures™ Corporation is proud to announce new sales representation partnerships with Thomas F Gowen & Sons for The Carolinas, Next Level Outdoors for TALO and Glade Park Associates for Florida. The company also partnered up with FISH RAZR for California and the NE of the United States. 

“Growing our brand and to establish relationships with new customers, we needed to select the right rep groups and strategic partners. With strong roots in FL, TALO and the NE of the United States, our partners have proven to stay on course for decades. We are very keen on working with their top customers and partners in order to develop tactics promoting our brand and in result also their overall businesses. Meeting our explosive growth, we are excited to move into new territories during these unprecedented times in our industry.” said JAW Lures CEO Holger Kamin. 

"Next Level Outdoors is excited to be working with JAW Lures. Their high quality lure at a great price will be well received in the TALO territory." said Dean Russell from Next Level Outdoors. 

"There is always room in the offshore trolling market for new products that work. JAW Lures brings top-quality materials, creative designs and affordable prices to every angler looking to put more dolphin and tuna in their fish box. Fish Razr is happy to partner with reputable manufactures to complement our line of offshore offerings." said Steve Martin, CEO

"JAW Lures should be in everyone's offshore tackle box; the design is simple while still being innovative and the components are all first-class. Adding these high-quality products to your trolling spread will put more fish in the cooler." said Davenport West, Glade Park Associates

“As Thomas F. Gowen & Sons expands its footprint, we are pleased to be partnering with JAW Lures in The Carolinas.  JAW Lures's dedication to quality products and service is in alignment with the core values we share with our customers.” said Tony Gowen, CEO. 

JAW Lures™ Corporation, established in 2014 in the fishing capitol of the world, Miami Florida and the Florida Keys, designs and manufactures premium offshore trolling lures. Targeting Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Billfish, Wahoo, Kingfish, and Mackerel. The worlds first and only offshore trolling lures that can catch 2 pelagic simultaneously and separately from another.


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